Sunday, April 27, 2014

Indie Movie of the Month: Short Term 12

Directed by: Destin Cretton

Short Term 12 is not a large scale, big budget, flashy movie. It's quiet, gritty, and honest. It shows a different perspective than most stories care to tell, and that is of foster kids. Short Term 12 is a facility for foster kids, run by some foster kids and it lets you peek into their lives. The script is truly lovely, as it gives you a look at so many different stages of life and how they cope and live when they have been affected by the foster care system, whether positively or negatively. Brie Larson is perfection. She shows you a character who can be superwoman and then she shows you that same character paralyzed by the horrors in her past. It's powerful, understated, and real. It's such a well-round telling, with some humor and a myriad of emotions that will tap right into you heart. Also, some of my favorite movie posters from last year.

What are your favorite indie movies?

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