Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adventures in New York

This summer has found me interning and living in Manhattan and it has been the experience of a lifetime so far. Between exploring and truly getting to know the city, whereas before I had always vaguely known where I was and where I was going, I have come to accept public transportation, hate and love (and love to hate) midtown, and view the city from rooftops that are neither bars nor the ESB. I've seen some shows, a bunch of movies, and spent more than my fair share of time in dance class. The parks have been my convenient sanctuaries, more common and easy to come across than one might think. There's nothing quite like the pace or the fact that there is just about everything you (or at least I) want within reach. I've pounded the pavement and tried my best to see the city in my own light. Here are a few ways in which I did so!

A quintessential NYC stoop, near Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park
Nature in New York, The High Line

Lights everywhere - Rockefeller Center

The High Line

The Chrysler Building

Rockefeller Center

I couldn't resist taking this picture even though I knew it would come out crummy

Radio City Music Hall

The High Line

The Jacobs Theater, W 45th St

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Sunset from the roof of my building

W 45th St

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Columbus Circle

The High Line

One of my favorite movie theaters in the city

Madison Square Park with Mom


Gelato from Chelsea Market - yum

The thing about NYC in the summer - the city blooms

Pulling out the stops - floral and denim moto

Art everywhere!

Central Park

I don't get many misspellings, but this was my favorite

One of my favorite spots!
I had the experience of a lifetime and was able to try and bring a little Carrie Bradshaw to my everyday life.

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