Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kensington Gardens

So I'm in London... what? My study abroad experience has officially started and it's off to a beautiful start - this weather is insane! It's been over 70 degrees and sunny since we arrived and it's perfect. I've been getting acclimated to the general area lately, Kensington and Chelsea, and it's gorgeous. It's quite posh and my neighbors (well... I mean a few houses (streets) separate us) will be Wills & Kate once they move in to Kensington Palace! I kicked off my stay with an obligatory visit to Kensington Gardens and happened to be there during the most lovely dusk. It was a walk full of peace with a hint of magic and I wouldn't want it any other way! I can't believe that this is my home base for the semester, but I'm so excited to get out and truly explore the rest of the city! Stay tuned!

One of my first looks at the park.
The palace... such beautiful scaffolding!
For whatever reason it hasn't rained once yet and it has been BEAUTIFUL.
Every view was gorgeous.
The Orangery - I had tea here with my parents years ago!
Beauty beyond the gates!
A perfect merry-go-round.
The lights made my visit even more magical!
I couldn't resist.
Everything had the prettiest purple tint. 
Taking advantage of the fact that I could actually see the sky!
This is not supposed to be my first view of London... Where's the rain!? 

Keep checking back for more on my adventures!

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