Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Break: San Francisco

This March I went to San Francisco with my parents and it was a perfect introduction to the west coast. It was so beautiful, different, and nice -- it's much nicer on the surface than the east coast. People on the east coast will without a doubt go out of their way to help you, but they just won't necessarily have a smile on their face while they do it. Sarcasm and a good poker face are employed more than a sweet smile. However, on the west coast, or at least in San Francisco, people were pretty warm and pleasant, be it genuine or not.

The landscape was also vastly different. Between the rolling hills and the canopy trees and redwoods, everything seemed a little bigger. The ocean did too. There's nothing like the feeling of walking onto a beach on the west coast. It was huge, everywhere, and so stunning.

Though I did love the west coast, I still prefer my slightly snarky, bitter east coast people, and with New York City and Boston both on this side of the country, my heart will always belong here.

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