Friday, January 27, 2012

A Crusade Against Tan Tights

I am horrified - ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED - to see tan, nude, whatever the frack you'd like to call them, tights being worn outside a dance studio. It's just not okay. As a dancer for about... 15 years I can say, with confidence, that they do not look good. Tan tights will never ever match your skin tone. Talk about cheesey! Your arms and face are one color and your legs another. Who really wants to look like that? I don't like them while dancing (please, people, just go without tights!), I don't like them on BeyoncĂ©, they're sketchy. Period. If you're going to wear tights, please, any color besides one that's a skin tone. ANY. Hot pink. Lime green. White.



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