Thursday, January 12, 2012

Since this is kind of due...

I haven't really explained what else I'm going to do with this. I'm using the site for the same purposes as the previous posts of this blog; posting a photo every day. This blog is also going to serve for rumination and rambling, fashion posts, movie/tv reviews, whatever. Basically, I'm throwing everything in and not limiting what this can be :).

Today it snowed! Finally, there are a few inches on the ground in New Hampshire. I'm back in my snow globe, and it does feel great! I can't wait to pull on my warm clothes and grab my camera and take a walk around the block.

These past couple days I've been watching a lot of Parenthood again. It's really such a great show. The actors all do a lovely job and it feels like a REAL family, not a parody like Arrested Development (one of the best shows ever) and not a melodramatic soap opera family. This season is really pretty great, full of honesty and heart.

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