Saturday, January 14, 2012

Late Night Ramblings...

So I know it's by no means a spectacular movie, but I am very taken with Wimbledon... I think it's the combination of Paul Bettany and James McAvoy. TBS used to constantly play A Knight's Tale and ever since then I've always found Bettany impossible to resist. He's got quite a sharp tongue, which, for a cynic, is always tempting. McAvoy.... well between Atonement and Penelope, he's kind of perfect.

Speaking of Atonement, Benedict Cumberbatch (seriously, who comes up with these names?) is in The Hobbit and I am so freaking excited. It's got quite an exciting cast and it really should be pretty spectacular.

Well that's a tiny example of how my brain works. Apparently, not everyone goes on trails like this. I guess I'm a bit of a freak...hopefully not a completely unbearable one though! I went from Wimbledon to The Hobbit in 3 seconds flat! I do wish I could find a few more people who had taste like me. It can be difficult sometimes to have nobody who knows what I'm talking about. I really only need one person who gets me! Not to be all "oh I'm so misunderstood and unique, look at me, wah wah," but sometimes I feel too different, like I can't talk to my friends because we have nothing in common. The dance thing is also tough. Dance is like therapy. It's not just a workout. It's an emotional release too, even if it's just a ballet technique class. Music is emotion. Dance puts that into something...tangible. I hear music with my body. This is something that every dancer who has a tiny ounce of passion can understand, but that other people just don't get. Having the ability to express yourself with more than words... it's like the words just seep into your skin and you become one with the music and that's that.

My brain, ladies and gentlemen, is a curious place to be sometimes. Or maybe never.

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