Sunday, June 24, 2012

I lost my favorite scarf.

This is old news, but it was quite devastating. My favorite scarf was a GIANT infinity scarf, purple and white striped, courtesy of American Apparel. I was just going through pictures from a few months ago and was suddenly hit with that horrid pang of realization that I no longer have that scarf. I try to keep it out of my head! I lost it after seeing Newsies in New York. I guess I was so overcome with the thrill and depression of seeing such spectacular dancing that I just forgot my scarf under my seat! Or it was so damn tight in that balcony that I could hardly get out of my seat much less remember to look under it. And seriously.... it was THAT scarf. The one that makes you feel a little more awesome, and pulls every outfit in just the right direction. Definitely one of my favorite things in my closet. THEREFORE, I urge my, well approximately zero readers, to go get one... or five.

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