Monday, July 30, 2012

5 Ways to Wear a Fringed Skirt

So I often buy pieces that I know I can wear for years because I'm rather petite, am not that hard on my clothes, and so buying new and exciting cheap clothes year after year seems to be a waste. However, I was browsing Zara's website and came across a beautiful, kind of hilarious, bright green (teal? seafoam? weird in-between color) fringed skirt and I just couldn't resist. Being me, however, this could not be just a one-off, with only one shirt and one pair of shoes that would actually look good with it, so here you are! 5 ways (and I could find more, trust me) to wear a fringed skirt!

1. Simple and Glam

For this look I wanted simple and refined. Every piece in this is saying something, but also working cohesively for a clean, effortless look. The skirt is the statement, but studs at the collar and cuffs of the shirt pull interest and really bring the clutch and earrings together, and the light pink offsets the bright green nicely. The earrings are a statement as well, but not overwhelmingly so. They work to frame the face wonderfully. The shoes are simply Old Hollywood glam and they make me feel like a movie star every time I put them on. I kept the makeup relatively simple, sheer colors, with a little extra on the lips.
Shirt: Zara, Heels: Aldo, Clutch: Coach, Earrings: Anthropologie.

2. Girly, but Bold

This look is sweet and playful. The blouse is sheer, floaty, and has a great bold floral which counteracts the skirt. The looser silhouette keeps it demure, but not stuffy. I only tucked in the front of the shirt and left the back out, which just adds more movement to the outfit. I chose bright coral patent pumps that I've had for years to keep it fun and a little punchy. The bag adds some much needed grit, with zippers, hardware, and denim piping. This keeps the outfit from being generically prissy. The necklace (that is hidden by my super lustrous locks and my coy shoulder) is another little piece of toughness, as a bulky chain covered in strips of burlap with some rhinestones and chains thrown in. The makeup is the same as the first look: bright, clean, glossy.
Shirt: H&M, Heels: Payless, Bag: Marc Jacobs, Necklace: American Eagle

3. Indie Rock

For this look I wanted fun and casual. I will take any excuse to wear a band tee shirt with anything and this was just too much of an opportunity to miss! The same, of course, goes for flannels! The black and white adds a graphic pop to the outfit, but the loose, easy silhouette keeps it casual and from being too intense when combined with the skirt. To lighten it up a little, instead of black boots, I chose my brown lace-ups with grey socks sticking out of them for a utilitarian, earthy vibe that makes this outfit less of a rebellion and more of a festival-appropriate ensemble. A topknot adds some more edge as well as matte, dusty red lips.
Tee Shirt: RAMONES - Newbury Comics, Flannel Shirt: Old Navy, Socks: Hue, Boots: Frye, Necklaces: Modcloth, Bracelets: Eden Arts, Earrings: Claire's

4. Easy Breezy

Since this skirt is very easy to dress up, and that's what most people would probably try to do, I wanted a couple of casual options. This can be a skirt that you toss on with the right pieces and just wear to class if you want to! Instead of going with a flashy little top and heels, try a rough button-down with a long sweater vest or cardigan. Just add in some high top Chuck Taylors, minimal jewelry and you're all set to go. For this outfit I wore very minimal makeup, nude lips, and a little shimmer on the eyes.
Flannel Shirt: American Eagle, Sweater Vest: LOFT, Socks: Hue, Sneakers: Converse

5. Refined Cozy

I love the idea of using this skirt as a statement transition wardrobe piece as fall, and then winter arrive. With this thought in mind I went right for my tribal print chunky sweater. the colors are so perfect, and in the same family as the skirt, so despite the clash in aesthetic, the colors keep it harmonious. With such a chunky top, I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit streamlined, which is why I chose my nude pumps. I also added some statement earrings to frame the face.
Sweater: American Eagle, Heels: Aldo, Earrings: boutique on Cape Cod, Bracelets: Eden Arts

All right peeps, I hope this gives you some newfound confidence to tackle an atypical wardrobe item! Hopefully, some bright green fringed skirts! Either that or I'll be the lone wolf...

Song of the Moment: Come Together performed by the Arctic Monkeys

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