Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Essentials: Style Edition

Here we go! These are my favorite trends for fall 2012. Enjoy, be stylish, be yourself!

1. Graphic Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts, especially in the graphic, crew-neck, hoodless fashion are having a major moment right now. The likes of Kenzo, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Mulberry. They add a witty kick to every outfit, and the styling opportunities are endless! These sweatshirts are easily dressed down with a pair of jeans (regular, colored, printed!) or dressed up with a cute skirt (flare, a-line, sequins!) and crazy costume jewelry. This not only keeps you warm in the chilly fall weather, but it guarantees standing out!
Kenzo Sweatshirt with a sequined skirt

2. Loafers

Loafers are also having a moment! I have yet to get my hands on (or feet.. in) a pair, but every time I go online I end up gazing lovingly at loafers on my computer screen. They've been around for a season or two but are gaining tons of ground. They're more interesting than a ballet flat in silhouette and cuter than ugly penny loafers or boat shoes. Even better, they come in any color, with kick ass embellishments, and ferocious patterns too! Urban Outfitters has a great stock, and there are fun selections from Nine West and Aldo as well.
Wanted Glitter Stud Loafer

3. Army Jacket

Army and military-inspired jackets have been around for a few years but I'm a firm believer. They have a great weight which makes them perfect for fall weather and are usually roomy enough to layer sweaters and cardigans under. They instantly add edge to a look and are a great palette for scarves and winter accessories!
Me in San Francisco with my Gap army jacket

4. Combat Boots

Combat boots are comfortable, cute, edgy, and perfect for just about any outfit. Again, they've been around, but really, who doesn't still love wearing them? They are also easily dressed up or down. As fabulous as they look with skinny jeans, they look impossible cute with a flared skirt and tights! Versatile, comfortable, and cute, combat boots will never let you down!
Aldo Aukes Combat Boot

5. Tuxedo Trousers

As a very VERY petite (and I don't mean stick thin, I just mean short, like oompa loompa short) girl, I am always looking for clothes that can make my legs look a tiny little bit longer. I don't expect any miracles, just a little help! Tuxedo trousers (though I don't have a pair yet, so sad) are the miracle pants. With the stripe going down the sides, they create an illusion and serve to elongate.They're not horribly easy to find, but they class up any look, add a little punch, and make you look a bit taller, which many of us in the general population could use.
Blake Lively and Miranda Kerr

6. Tights

For any skirt, dress, or short loving girl, fall can be problematic. There's a solid half of my wardrobe which could not work in the fall without my array of tights and knee socks! Tights work in a myriad of colors, patterns, and textures. You can even find color blocked tights that are one color in the back and another color in the front! It sounds a little wacky Alice in Wonderland, and maybe it is, but it's also really cool.
Floral tights from Urban Outfitters

7. Crocheted Sweater

Here's to sweater's that look awesome but have so many holes that they don't actually keep you warm! Wear a jacket and suck it up because you'll look stellar.
Staring at Stars crochet panel sweater

8. Skinny Corduroys

These are always, always, always a fall/winter MUST. Corduroys are warm, comfortable, and come in so many colors it either makes your head spin or you just get so elated you feel like your house is going to be suspended by a zillion balloons... like in Up. Find a great pair and just buy another pair every year! J.Crew always has the most amazing colors, but I've found that my go-to brand for anything pants is BDG.
BDG mid-rise cigarette corduroys

9. Cool Kicks

Sneakers are everywhere. Finally, the comfortable shoe is in! Take full advantage, waste no time, grab your sneaks and get kicking! For those of us foregoing the designer versions, turn to classics like Converse and Nike and the vintage-y pairs from Aldo. There are even versions with built in wedges if that's your thing. If not, stick to high-tops, studs, glitter, and touches of leather.
Aldo Pyne sneaker

10. Midi Skirt

Another great transitional piece, mid-length, or midi skirts are not going to let you completely freeze, but do let you stay elegant throughout fall. Micro-pleated options are beautiful, and give you a dark romance in deep shades.
Zara accordion pleat skirt

11. Blazer

This is just common sense. It's a blazer - probably the ultimate mainstay of fall fashion. I know people in general love to rag on Gap, but their coats, jackets, and blazers never disappoint me. They don't break the bank, but they last and look great!
Gap herringbone blazer

12. Felt Hat

A floppy felt hat is the ultimate "I'm chic and don't care" piece for fall. Wear it so it covers your eyes just so and own whatever street you're walking down. The great thing about hats like these is that it can soften up a look and make it cozy without totally losing structure.
Staring at Stars Cross-Tie Floppy Felt Hat

13. Knit Hats and Scarves

Scarves and hats are fall must-haves. I go for every style and color imaginable, whether that's slouchy beanies, berets, scarves with tassels, or comfy, thick ribbed scarves. Having a mom who is a knitter basically predisposes me to love this stuff (or maybe it's the opposite, but for me at least, I LOVE when my mom knits me new things) so I have bins full of winter-wear!
A few years ago on Cape Cod bathed in knit goodness!

14. Leather Bag

Everybody's got their own preference, but a great leather bag, whether it's a small crossbody, satchel, backpack, or just a great leather purse, is essential in the fall. Choose a neutral or a color; with either you'll look great.
Full on craziness held together by my Marc Jacobs bag.

15. Riding Boot, tall leather boot

A riding boot or other tall, leather boot is always reliable for fall. Though you risk verging on extreme preppyness, a tall boot will add polish and warmth to every outfit for fall. For a riding boot I prefer a beautiful brown in basically any shade: tan, reddish-brown, or chocolate all work!
Frye Dorado Riding Boots

16. Backpack

No, I don't mean a heavy duty Northface backpack (although they do serve their purpose amazingly well if you ask me). I mean a cute, individual canvas satchel with leather details. I have to say, they're so much more stylish than the old standard backpack and they're one more great excuse to LOVE fall! This works when I'm not super dressed up and don't feel like carrying my purple leather tote around. It looks good with just about everything and instead of being something ugly you have to lug on your back, it becomes a statement in itself!
Ecote Backpack

17. Statement Jacket

Since fall is full of opportunities to layer, cap it off with an exciting statement jacket. This will spice up your entire look and give everything a fresh take. Whether you go with embellished, leather, studded, or patterned jackets, it'll be an unexpected pop to your whole outfit.
Sparkle and Fade Print Bomber Jacket
18. Oxblood
Anything and everything oxblood is automatically in this season. Get it while it's good!

Happy fall everyone!

Song of the Moment: Dance, Dance, Dance by Lykke Li

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