Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Glamorific

So what with dressing like a boy rather often (chunky sweaters, corduroys, heavy boots, frizzy hair -- bet you really want to take style advice from me now) sometimes I just have to whip out the sparkly dresses and go to town. This past Saturday I had the perfect occasion. My mom and I had tickets (as we do every year) to go see Boston Ballet's new Nutcracker. Besides being 1000% anxious because I practically knew the old version by heart, I was thrilled and excited. I always like to dress up when I see ballets or go to the theater (I could rant for an hour or so on the practice of wearing jeans to the theater) and I don't look out of place when I do to see The Nutcracker because there are a bajillion little girls with curled hair and poofy dresses yearning to be Clara. I opted for a very light blush lace dress inlaid with silver, metallic yarns, and heels the same color worn under my black dress coat and a fabulous circle scarf with faux fur as the lining (yay animals!).

LOFT dress and belt, ALDO pumps, Urban Outfitters watch
Ann Taylor coat, Aerie scarf

Unintentionally coordinated!

I kept my hair and makeup simple and pretty. I used a pretty glossy coral NARS pencil on my lips and I used Benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner in a shimmery champagne color on my eyes. For eyeliner I used some black sparkly eyeshadow. To use it as a liner I took an angled liner brush, wet it, and applied it right at the lash line in smooth strokes. Using an eyeshadow instead of a cream liner created a less harsh, slightly softer, more diffused look. Then I applied Mally mascara (incredibly smooth application, no clumps, and beautiful end results!) to top off the look. I just blow-dryed my hair and put on a sparkly headband.

My main advice for dressing for the holidays and special occasions is to find silhouettes above all that suit you and find something that makes you feel a little special. This dress was calling my name the second I saw it. It's my preferred silhouette and I don't get washed out by such a light color miraculously. The silver and the skinny belt made it a done deal! Accentuate your body with the right silhouettes and then add a little sparkle. You don't need to go so over the top, but adding certain pieces like my scarf gives an outfit a little extra drama with practically no effort! Being glam is in the attitude as much as what you're actually wearing. If you feel comfortable and confident, you'll pull if off effortlessly! Go for what makes you feel amazing, not necessarily what's the hottest trend.

Happy Holidays!

Song of the Moment: What Christmas Means to Me by Stevie Wonder

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