Friday, March 14, 2014

Fashion Film Friday: Candy (Prada)


This serves as another installment of Fashion Film Friday, but also as an excuse to shamelessly plug The Grand Budapest Hotel because I just love everything that Wes Anderson does and that and this are no exceptions. Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola (son to Francis, brother to Sofia) collaborated with Prada for this sweet confection starring the fabulous Léa Seydoux. It is fabulously stylized, very pink, and is chock full of fashion and mischief in the best way. Smart, but not obnoxious, funny, but not slapstick, I could watch this every day and never be sick of it. Clever and stylish to boot, it makes me love Prada that much more.


  1. I like this commercial! I fell like I could be friends with Candy, lol. The JLaw of perfume girls.

    1. Oh you're so right! Gotta love a girl with some spunk.


  2. Lovely!! I really like your header, cute. xo