Sunday, May 25, 2014

Indie Movie of the Month: Save the Date


Directed by: Michael Mohan
46% on Rotten Tomatoes

Save the Date centers on two sisters and their relationship with each other and their boyfriends as those relationships unfold over the course of the movie. It doesn't have my all-time favorite plot because it seems a bit unfinished, but there are several things that I like about this movie. For starters, the acting is exactly what you want it to be. That girl from Mean Girls, the peppy one from Community, the kid from Snow Day, the best friend from (500) Days of Summer, and the nerd from Freaks and Geeks all give the movie interest. Caplan in particular portrays the conflict between what's expected of you, where you want to be, and what you actually are that seems to plague so many young adults in this age. Caplan brings her wit, humor, and an all too real sense of unmet potential to her character who can't seem to settle on happiness. Brie plays type A, as she often does, but twists it to suit this character's set of circumstances in a believable way. Overall, I enjoyed the movie despite the feeling that with this particular cast it could have been even more than it is. Maybe that's the whole point. It doesn't wander far, and it doesn't have to in order to show where the characters are headed.

I'm always looking for new indies to watch and discuss. If there are any you'd like to see featured here, let me know!

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