Friday, May 24, 2013

Dirty up a floral skirt

Florals are my jam. I am just inherently drawn to them, whether on a skirt, backpack, or sneakers. That being said, sometimes they can feel too pretty. Florals aren't a one trick pony though. With some simple touches you can turn florals into a perfect casual weekend piece.

Sweater: Maison Scotch; Blouse: Loft; Skirt and Necklace: American Eagle; Boots: Frye

Here I took a few pieces that I've featured before including a bright orange blouse and accordion pleat floral skirt. I ditched the heels and the topknot and added my favorite oversized sweater, Frye lace-up boots, and a long necklace with some fun bobbles on it.

The shoulder and elbow detailing on this sweater give it a cool vibe! I kept my hair down and my makeup minimal. I did a slightly smoky brown eye. Recreate the look with any floral or pleated skirt and oversized sweater! Balance is key, though. A maxi skirt or even a midi skirt puts you in danger of looking frumpy.

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