Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall 2013 Nail Polish

Besides being a general shopaholic (lover of clothes, shoes, scarves, jewelry), I have the beauty bug. This has lately been all about nails! I am no nail art aficionado, but I do know my way around a good manicure. Fall is where I have the most fun (as with all fashion). I love how easy it is to take chances and how much a manicure adds to an outfit, whether it's a bold dark, an exuberant bright, or a blingy iridescent or glitter polish. Even pastels have an extra edge in fall, when they're normally put away; if brought out they seem as fresh as ever!

Greens and blues have gradually been gaining an important place in my nail wardrobe. The cool tones make me feel relaxed and very downtown. Metallics and iridescent shades like Essie's Cashmere Bathrobe, Nars' Disco Inferno, Ciaté's Oil Slick, butter London's Thames, and OPI's Russian Navy give a standard manicure depth. I own Russian Navy, and although it just looks black in this particular picture, it's an amazing shimmery blue with elements of pink and purple laid in that shine when light hits. As emerald is the Pantone color of the year, nail polish is one of the best ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe. It's not too much, is nice and cheap, and it won't be weird to still be wearing it next year. OPI's Jade is the New Black is my favorite interpretation and will get a lot of good wear by me this fall. Nars' Zulu is a very classic interpretation of emerald that will add a bit of preppiness in an unexpected and fresh way to your style, without being outdated. Topshop's Gone Fishing and butter London's Poole and Sprog give a little spring to your nails when they need a little freshening and have seen a few too many dark days. Essie's No More Film is so unexpectedly pretty. It's a deep, rich blue/purple that's not your average navy! Essie's After School Boy Blazer and butter London's Royal Navy are both classics that could get you through the winter!

Hi, I'm Trina, and I'm a purple addict. Purple nail polish makes me feel like the strongest, most powerful girl around. When I've got purple nails, especially a deep purple like OPI's Van to Bite My Neck (or many other dark purple OPI's), butter London's HRH or The Black Knight, or Zoya's Julieanne, no matter if they're glittery or matte, they just make me feel great. I don't know how a nail polish color has so much power, but purple does! Even though I've been wearing more blue lately, I will always, always, always return to my true love: purple. Glitter or metallic purple adds a little rock 'n' roll edge. OPI's German-icure is an amazing purply burgundy that might just be the perfect fall color. You can wear it with anything and it never feels over or underdressed. It's the nail polish that can do anything. It's like the Beyoncé of nail polish. For a matte take on the color try Essie's Carry On. If you're a classic pink girl, there are ways to do the color that aren't so summery. Zoya's Mason is a great deep jewel toned take on the color and butter London's Primrose Hill Picnic is a classic matte pink that you can wear year round, and Essie's E-nuf is E-nuf is a bright coral that will fit right in with your fall wardrobe! Ciaté's Dolls House and butter London's Kerfuffle are both fresh neutrals that are great light options that will feel so clean during colder weather. Last but not least, turn heads with Ciaté's Mistress - the perfect candy apple red that's made for baking pies and frolicking in leaves!

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