Monday, September 9, 2013

A Tale of Two Markets

On Saturday we had our first exploration of two of London's many markets. The first was the notorious Portobello Market, which everyone has heard of and can't help but call to mind Hugh Grant and a quaint travel bookshop. The second was Broadway Market, much more off the beaten track and full of exciting pleasures and surprises.

I was excited to go to Notting Hill for the first time, just to go to Notting Hill. It's quite a build up to the market and then once it hits it's sensory overload. There are people everywhere just coming out of the woodwork. While there are some genuinely interesting merchants and products, a lot of it is just for tourists. However, that being said, it is really fun to just walk around and people watch. Between the merchants and the tourists there are some pretty funny exchanges. It was fun to see people grabbing a bite, shopping around, and even blowing some bubbles!

Some classic bunting
My brand new Docs!
Flowers are still blooming
It was such a beautiful day!
Starting our adventure
Why not blow some bubbles?
Made the day that much brighter
Some colorful Notting Hill homes
A taste of the vintage
How amazing would it be to have a camera like that?
Stopped for a song along the way!
Leaving Notting Hill
Next up came Broadway Market in London Fields, Hackney. I had read about it in a book that I bought to prepare for coming here which is proving to be a gold mine of amazing suggestions. It is definitely not a tourist destination and it was a bit of a trek to get there, but it was so worth it! The food all looked amazing, the vintage was great, and the shops surrounding the actual market all brought something a little different to the table. It was a very young, vibrant area chock full of people with killer style.

Colors everywhere during our long commute to East London
An adorable bike greeting us at London Fields
London Fields
Inside an adorable fabric shop
Fabric shop
Unfortunately these were only for rent! I wanted to buy Diner but they wouldn't let me.
Check out the elbow patches! Mildly obsessed
My love for this area was solidified by one of my favorite Bowie songs
Just adding to the charm!
Look at this dapper gentleman!
And some pigeons... they were loving the attention
Stay tuned for more adventures!

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