Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Windsor, Bath, and Stonehenge

Sunday was approximately the longest day ever. It may even have felt longer than the day I arrived here. Combining a lack of sleep with minor illness (just a cold) and a 6AM wakeup time meant that I was dragging for most of the day and conking out on a bus as much as possible. It all paid off though as I saw some truly amazing sights!

First up was Windsor. This was a very brief visit so I was happy that I have already visited Windsor for a whole day a few years ago. It's such a cute town so I would have been bummed if I hadn't seen it before because our visit was SPEEDY. I was still half asleep but we saw the town before it was really up and running for the day and my favorite part was seeing the beautiful swans a swimming. Of course I half expected to get attacked by one, but I left with all my limbs so all was good!
The grand entrance
Oh hey, a castle!
Casual.. just my weekend castle
Windsor is so idyllic!
The definition of "blossoming"
More greenery
After getting used to the Thames for a few days, this was a refreshing river to overlook
Swans and everything!
I've never seen so many swans in 2 weeks than I have here in England
Their grace is amazing
They're also kind of scary... 
...I was actually expecting an attack
So regal next to the ducks
Loving the nature of England
Next up was Bath! First off, the Roman Baths were just amazing to see! I love seeing things that are so ancient, but were ahead of their time in terms of innovation either in structure or concept. This beautiful hot spring is just that! Even better, the town around it is just adorable. There are great shops and it is beautiful to walk around. If you get a chance, a day in Bath would be well spent.

The beautiful cathedral in the central square
The entrance to the Roman baths
The very Gothic cathedral... I think
The interesting part about this is that this second level where we walked was at street level
Sort of old statues around the baths... I guess
Surrounding the baths
Hey check it out! A hot spring!
Friends at the baths!
Trying not to shiver
There was actually steam rising up from the baths
England's version of glitter? I'll take it
Music was everywhere around this area!
Music was even in the gazebo
Some things were a little crooked
The countryside
Our last stop was Stonehenge. It's hard to describe how incredible it is to see these sights in person. Such a mysterious and formidable structure that is just kind of there... and has been there for quite a long time and is apparently staying for a while is just breathtaking. The area around it is so clear and there's no shopping mall next to it. Left basically in all its glory, you can truly appreciate the beauty of Stonehenge.
The sky was incredible
It was also very, very cold
Yep... that's actually Stonehenge
...'cause you HAVE to get a picture with it when you're there
The birds get to touch it but we don't!
Countryside surrounding Stonehenge
The rocks are so worn and mossy, but they don't seem to be going anywhere!
It's just unreal
Or surreal
Nevertheless, it is there and stupendous!

More adventures will be coming soon, in London and elsewhere!
Stay tuned.

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