Thursday, June 13, 2013

Get schooled in dorm decorating!

School may be out for the summer but it's never too early to start thinking about ideas for decorating for college! It can be difficult to make a dorm room feel like home and not look like a boring cookie-cutter, run of the mill corner of the room. Read on for tips to make your dorm room truly YOU and unique and hit up RHL for all of your essentials!. 

When buying all of my supplies for freshman year I first found my bedding. I wanted my room to feel like home and my bedding is a beautiful, big, earthy floral that warms up the room. Since dorm rooms are notoriously not as much space as you really want, utilize the space under your bed for storage!

PB Teen Bedding
This picture is terrible but in keeping with trying to make my room unique and home-grown, I found this great wire vintage-inspired lamp, and that vintage-y orange clock as well as wire desk accessories. If you're as much of an office supply junkie as I am, desk accessories will be vital to organizing! Also, be sure to pick up plenty of picture frames so that you'll have plenty of familiar faces rooting you on all year.

My walls changed a lot during the year. They started out basically like this. I got the iconic Beatles' Abbey Road poster and a few posters from Etsy. I have Singing in the Rain, Pretty in Pink, and Harold & Maude. Posters from independent artists are a great option because they're a little different and offer something other than those same posters that you see in EVERY dorm room. 

Some more decorations - a paper star that can be a light but I just use it as decoration, a sign that reads "dance in the light of the moon."

...and then my walls eventually evolved into THIS! I love photography so I went on a printing binge of some of my favorite shots over the years. Having so much color and so many memories surrounding me made me feel great all the time!

Another great tip for walls - magazine pages and post cards! Whenever I travel or go to museums I pick out my favorite post cards to add to my walls. They're a cheap and simple way to add some beautiful art to a room, whether it's a fashion photograph or a mini recreation of a Van Gogh. Most importantly, just remember to get creative! This is your room and you'll be so much happier if it feels like home. Think out of the box! In my room from this past year I hung up a nesting ball like the ones below! Not all of dorm room shopping/decorating is quite as exciting as all this, though. You need to get bins, shower caddies/supplies, closet organizers, towels, and sheets. Residence Hall Linens makes it all a little more fun! You can find all of your necessities there!

Just remember to keep your eyes out because almost anything (including shopping bags and old records) could make a great decoration. Your dorm room should feel like you!

Song of the moment: Home by Phillip Phillips

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