Friday, June 28, 2013

Emma Watson's Amazeballs Teen Vogue Cover Shoot

Emma Watson is the August cover model for Teen Vogue. I know, I know, haven't we been here before? She's already done this a few times, right? WRONG! (well, kind of, wrong) Here's why! Not only is the wardrobe basically my dream closet - punk influenced, loads of tartan, a badass pompadour, and some ridiculously amazing accessories - but I'm going to say that Emma looks the most confident and at ease with herself that she ever has. The boyishly cool style suits her and after a whirlwind of a life so far, it seems like Watson's finally truly coming into her own.

The girl is rocking houndstooth pants for Pete's sake! How much cooler can you get? 
What makes the shoot even better? Her interview(s), one in video form, and one in print, where she delivers eloquent, down-to-earth, real-girl responses that make me personally want to be her BFF. I'll wrap up this episode of fangirling by saying that I'm excited for Watson's future and her eventual world domination.

Totally effortless and fresh; 
Come on, the jeans, that jacket!?
I would wear that skirt every single day if that was socially acceptable.

With that, I leave you with fellow Brits and a healthy dose of girl power.

all photos from Teen Vogue
find all outfit details and an awesome interview in their latest issue!

Here's to the women who keep their heads on their shoulders, have awesome taste in anything, and make us want to be their best friends.

What are some of your favorite cover shoots? Who's your role model? Sound off in the comments!

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