Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pins of the Week

Here are my top 10 favorite pins from Pinterest this week! Take a look, follow me @trinacardamone on Pinterest and get your creativity flowing!

DIY Bracelet - why spend the money when it's so easy to create your perfect bracelet?

Find the rest after the jump!

A set of 7 minimalist movie posters featuring iconic vehicles from movies,
My favorite: Roman Holiday

A beautiful and easy hairstyle to try out!
This is a great updo to make any outfit a little more romantic.

Why I live for fashion
Dior Haute Couture

Love this knot

Julie Andrews is just the best of the best.
Who wouldn't want to see her as Mary Poppins again?

This collection - oh my god, so good.
Chanel Pre-Fall Edinburgh collection

If you love dance, you know how contagious it is - once you start you can't stop and when you're lost in something, whether it's on stage or in class, you're lighter than air and as free as you'll ever be.

Now this is personalization I can get behind - initial Anthro mugs!

And last but not least, in honor of fall coming, a cozy sweater!

What are some of your favorite pins from this week? Leave links in the comments below!

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