Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thoughts on Chaos and Couture

I finally went to the Met exhibit! I've been wanting to go to these exhibits for literal years so when I found myself on the threshold of a Met fashion exhibit and one about one of my absolute favorite eras, I was full of jittery excitement and anticipation. I get the whole "couture isn't really punk because it's couture" thing, but I think people just need to get off their high horses and just enjoy the awesome exhibit that was put together.
Representing both London and New York, two of my favorite cities,  with more than enough Vivienne Westwood and CBGB, the exhibit did what the best of fashion does and it brought street fashion and haute couture together as art. It was just amazing as a fashion enthusiast to see such iconic pieces right in front of me, from the tee shirts to the Commes des Garçons.

Song of the moment: God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols

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