Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chanel Pre-Fall 2013

So while we're all still reeling from the beauty that was Chanel's latest collection, let's talk about their Pre-Fall collection. Honestly, Pre-Fall and Resort are usually placeholders that rarely get much attention, even if they deserve it. At least here in London, I've been seeing plaid everywhere, everyday, in almost every store, and I really love it. Chanel called it way back with their amazing Queen of Scots inspired Pre-Fall collection. I fell in love with this collection at first sight. It's no secret that I've always loved plaid, and this collection is just drippinng in plaid, fair isle, even mixing the two prints, and layers galore. It has just enough nods to traditional garb and just enough modern styling to keep it fresh and killer. It's also a collection that suits Chanel in perfect, but not stale ways. It's so refreshing to see their classic tweed look new, striking, and badass again. They take tweed in many directions, but they're not always good or relevant directions. Sometimes, honestly, (don't hate me) all the tweed feels a little stale. Layering them with big scarves and sweaters, combat boots, crazy proportions, and mixed patterns that tell a story but bring something new was just the way to push their tweed back into 2013. Plaid is kind of one of my favorite trends for any year, but since it's definitely in now, I'm taking advantage. How do you like your outfits? Plaid galore, or do you hate the sight of the print? Check out my favorites from the collection below!

What other collections do you love? Will plaid become a closet essential this fall or will you skip out?

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