Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pixar Short Film: The Blue Umbrella

I could go blue in the face telling the world how much I love Pixar short films, so I'm going to treat you to occasional reminders about how magical they are. First up, the most recent Pixar short, which preceded Monsters University: The Blue Umbrella.

This had me rooting for an inanimate object! The beauty of these short films is that the animation is so unbelievably expressive that it immediately draws you in for those few minutes and tugs on your heartstrings the whole time. This is possibly the most emotional short that I've seen. It leaves you hanging for a bit, wondering whether that little umbrella will find happiness, enough that the ending is felt that much more. This particular animation felt so visceral and real that I was confused when it began because I expected an animated short - then I realized that it was just that beautiful and well done! Either way, the film itself will speak louder than any of my words can! Enjoy and forgive me for the so-so quality!

What's your favorite Pixar short film?

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