Saturday, October 19, 2013

Good Reads

So lately I've been caught between traveling (life's hard huh?) and finals (...not so glamorous), hence the negligent lack of posting here! Despite my lack of time and creativity in the past couple weeks, others have been on top of the latest news and trends! Take a look at some of my favorite coverage in the past two weeks. Hope you're enjoying the true start of fall!

Refinery29 covered an interesting photography project in which a woman photographed the men harassing her on the street. As someone who encountered this all too frequently in New York (kudos to you though, London - hardly anything!) and is consumed with photography as of late, this is an interesting, cathartic, welcoming project.

Entertainment Weekly's reunion issue is out and their website is littered with all kinds of goodies! One of my favorites (besides the Boy Meets World reunion) is their feature on Hart to Hart not least because of Amy Poehler and Adam Scott and their enduring obsession - not limited to their own shot-by-shot remake of the opening theme from the show.

Fellow Her Campus Blogger Network member, Mostly Lisa has a lovely post up on ballerina style! This is especially close to my heart since I love dance and especially the ballet! There will never be anything as magical as women in glittering tutus sweeping across the stage like they're on air! She has some amazing suggestions on wearable ways to integrate the perfect amount of ballerina into your everyday wardrobe. Even if you can't dance, if you follow her advice, you'll look every bit as graceful and ethereal (and a little Carrie Bradshaw too of course) as a prima ballerina.

What Not to Wear is ending! How will we find inspiration without Stacy and Clinton giving us guidance every week? Well, our favorite brilliant style advice givers and life coaches have rounded up a list of some of their favorite makeovers for Entertainment Weekly to give us a little more quip and wit to hang onto while we slowly waste away from a lack of sass with them off the air!

Vogue has rounded up some of the key fashion terms for fall! Stay up to date, learn your vocabulary, and study hard because school is in session! Who better to learn from than the end-all be-all in fashion bibles? Some of my favorite terms: D for Dirndl Skirt, E for Epaulet, H for Herringbone, K for Knife Pleat, and R for Raglan. Learn more about who featured these and more and also about the history! Perfect for fashion nerds!

Have fun reading! What stories have caught your eye lately? Are you Miley obsessed? Excited about seeing Princess Kate in public post-baby?

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  1. I do love a great read, and so this was nice to see a compiled this of things that you find intriguing. The reunion on EW is so great, the Boy Meets World reunion made my heart burst! I wish Mr. Turner could have been there!

    Thank you so much for the shoutout, I am glad that you liked the post. I definitely think that anyone can pull the look off, and be just as graceful as a ballerina.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Mostly Lisa