Friday, October 25, 2013

Sponsored Post: The Scoop on Ziftit

As a Pinterest addict and compulsive list-maker, when I heard about the new website and app Ziftit, it was like discovering a dream come true that had been made to specifically suit all of my organizational and shopping desires! The timing could not be more perfect with the holiday season coming round the bend faster than we think! Every single Christmas when my family is knee-deep in organizing gift swaps or when my birthday rolls around, requests for wish lists often come up. Usually I'm stuck doing them on a word document, which is an unnecessarily inconvenient hassle. Learning about this gave me the same thrill that I feel in Staples. My fellow detail-oriented shoppers will understand. New office supplies that help organize my life in pretty ways makes me equally as happy as a nice and neat online wishlist organizer.

Not only is it easy to organize and categorize your different wishes, Ziftit makes it easy to share. Instead of posting unreliable links in a word document or email, Ziftit allows your friends and family to have easy access to your wishlists. Even better - those pesky gift swaps and Secret Santas - they can all be organized on Ziftit with a few clicks that allow you to create events on the site that you can use to invite your whole guest list.

Speaking of family and friends on your guest list, if any of them are looking to buy you any gifts, for holidays or just because you're awesome and living the good life, Ziftit is the perfect way for them to do so. All they need to do is check out your list and then you don't have to deal with weird gifts that you don't want - here's looking at you, puppy sweater. They can also go halvsies! On more than one occasion I've gone in with a friend or two to buy an especially awesome gift for another friend. No need to hunt each other down because everyone owes one person money. Ziftit makes it easy with their upgraded accounts!

Some of their other great features include a barcode scanner built into their app and their Trending feature. Let's face it, when I use technology, I want it to be making my life easier, not more complicated. As a college student, I'm always on the go and my business doesn't even compare to that of many of my friends. A barcode scanner makes it easy as pie to use Ziftit while shopping, even showing you where to find that particular product at the best price so you don't have to put a strain on your budget. As a college student dealing with a horrible exchange rate in London, I know that my friends and I will be taking full advantage of this feature.  Their Trending feature uses data to come up with suggestions similar to other items on your wishlist for your news feed. These two features are just icing on the cake, making the site the utmost in shopping convenience!

So not only is Ziftit perfect for helping you shop and create wishlists and keep track of your friends wishes, but it is also the ideal helping hand for any events you might be planning during the year, from parties to meetings and anything else where you need all of your friends in one place! It's like the perfect personal assistant.

Here's the best news - and you may want to jump on it, Fresh Prince style. Ziftit is running a contest where the end result is one person with $10,000.00. Not too shabby! Basically, by using their site and adhering to the rules, if you gain the most followers by December 15th, 2013, the prize is yours and you'll be named the "Trendsetter of 2013." Since you're all busy conquering social media, this contest should be an exciting conquest to add to your list, so get ready and set the world (or just the world of Ziftit) on fire!

>>This is a sponsored post, however all opinions still come from yours truly<<

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