Thursday, November 7, 2013


This is how one soloist of the New York City Ballet company describes dancing. Moments. This extraordinary reality (and I swear, it's reality, not the Kardashians) series showcases NYCB and takes you behind the scenes of the hallowed institution of the New York City Ballet and the dancers all striving for those moments with every breath they take, and every move they make.

Unlike the fabricated and ridiculous drama of the many housewives, this is real ballet and all of the normal drama that naturally comes with it when that is your profession. In a world where 23 is old and you start thinking about your career when you're 10, things are not normal. Anomalies aside, it's a beautiful world to explore. Just like anyone involved with creating a movie, television show, album, concerto, or painting, ballet dancers are artists telling some incredible stories. The strange part of it is that along with this artistry is their athleticism that they so depend on to tell those stories. Their profession is made up of the tense relationship between physical ability and emotional depth and those are two such factors that can bring a lot of drama into any situation (injuries, emotions seeping in to everyday life, dancing with people you don't or do like). They put away all of their personal issues and dramas to be superheroes up on that stage because it feeds their souls.

For someone who has danced, and loves dance, this is perfect. The dancers vocalize just about everything that you feel about dance: your love for it, your intense need to always be doing it, your hatred for it, and of course, the pain that it has the potential to cause, emotionally and physically (bruises are not nearly the worst of it).

For those of you unfamiliar with the world of dance, give this a shot. There are no cheesy musical numbers (which I love, but I get it, it's not everybody's cup of tea) and instead of ignoring perceptions of ballet, it stares those straight in the eyes and proves them wrong or, at the very least, acknowledges them. It gives you enough information to catch on to who that Balanchine guy is and what ballet actually requires of those who dedicate their lives to it.

It is also wonderful because Sarah Jessica Parker is the executive producer. Maybe I should have mentioned that first - I am a firm believer that everything she touches turns to gold. She's like Rumplestiltskin, but with better hair.

I get that this is reading a little like a love letter, but that's because it kind of is! If you're still not convinced (don't break my heart), then how about this - each episode, of which there are twelve, is only a few minutes long, so even if you don't want to give ballet a shot (you get to hear about some pretty gnarly injuries) watch an episode or two and there's not much to regret if you don't like it!

All gushing aside, NYCB has the best marketing of any ballet company I have ever seen. Their facebook page alone makes me jump out of my seat every time they post something because it's just so cool. So basically, you've got a rocking ballet company with awesome marketing, SJP, and an amazing little peek into what actually goes on there.

Also check out New Beginnings. Just trust me, it speaks for itself.

Are you feeling inspired to find your inner ballerina yet?

Images via New York City Ballet

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