Monday, November 18, 2013

Midnight in Paris

I have been so incredibly lucky this year. I have been to Paris twice during 2013, which is kind of mind blowing. My second trip this year was as magical as the first, especially since I knew my way around! It's a weird sensation when your feet are just going on their way to somewhere you've been before but your brain isn't quite sure what's going on. There's nothing quite as beautiful as the winding streets of Paris, at night, in the sun, in the rain - it's a city that never loses its magic. I visited Sacre Coeur my first night, which is not only one of my favorite cathedrals, but also one of my favorite spots in Paris. It's a little like Primrose Hill in London, in that you're so high above everything and you can just see the whole city twinkling underneath your feet. The morning saw us visiting the Rodin Museum which I hadn't seen before. I'm so happy this was my first time since the gardens were still blooming, providing just the prettiest backdrop for the statues. Then we were off to Luxembourg Gardens which was spectacular. I was given the best present in the form of the changing leaves there, which reminded me of how beautiful home is at this time of year. Naturally, Shakespeare & Company had to happen again, because it just can't be beat. I don't know if I'll ever love a bookstore quite as much. Similarly, I've never loved a hot chocolate as much as Angelina's so that just had to happen again.

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