Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pixar Short Film: Night and Day

This was when I first clued into the inventive work that was going on with Pixar's short films. This was released in 2010 before Toy Story 3. I was immediately in love. These short films are all inherently playful, beautiful, and imaginative in the best ways. Day and Night is a simple concept envisioned in a very clever way. It personifies day and night and shows them becoming aware of each other and forming a sometimes envy-filled friendship. The animation itself is stylistic as opposed to hyper-realistic, which is how I prefer most animation (the first film I featured is basically the exception). It is a delightful combination of old-school and new-school that is utterly charming. Look out for some of my favorite parts: Vegas, falling off the cliff, and its subsequent dip into the water, and of course the fireflies!

Do you have any favorite Pixar shorts?

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